National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"

After The Storm

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  1. Remain at home or in the shelter until informed that it is safe to leave.
  2. Keep tuned to the radio for instructions.
  3. Beware of loose wires and report them immediately to the police of fire departments, or Belize Electricity Limited.
  4. Stay out of disaster areas, damaged buildings and flooded areas.
  5. Take extra fire precautions.
  6. Report broken sewers and mains to the Belize Water Services Limited.
  7. Check refrigerated food for spoilage.
  8. Drive carefully – roads may have been substantially weakened.
  9. Listen to the radio for information about:
  • where to go for medical care in your area.
  • where to go for emergency aid for shelter, food and clothing.
  • ways to help yourself and others to recover from the emergency