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Belize District Volunteers attend Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis Workshop

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Yesterday, May 22, 2019, volunteers from villages and communities throughout rural Belize District joined NEMO coordinators and assistant coordinators from the area for a workshop on Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA).

This is to better prepare them, in the event of a disaster, to make an accurate assessment of the damage caused and the needs of those affected, both immediate and long term, so that the relief provided is adequately and rationally distributed.

Main presenter at the workshop was Chair of the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Committee, Tennille Williams.

Participants were from Rancho Dolores, St Paul’s Bank, Willows Bank, Double Head Cabbage, Scotland Half Moon, Bermudian Landing, Burrell Boom, Fresh Pond, Crooked Tree, Gardenia, Sand Hill, Maxboro, Maskall, and Hattieville.    

Minister of National Emergency Management, Honorable Edmond Castro and NEMO’s Belize District Rural Office thank all those who attended the workshop and who continue to voluntarily serve their community and country in times of need, recognizing that only through such community service by members of the public can disaster management be truly effective.