National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"

Disaster Preparedness Forum 2024

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In the event of a disaster, there is no “Mr. NEMO”; WE ARE ALL NEMO!

Today, NEMO, under the auspice of the Ministry of Blue Economy and Disaster Risk Management (MBEDRM), hosted its first-ever Disaster Preparedness Forum. The focus areas included bilateral agreements in disaster response, search and rescue, disaster financing, recovery response, and safety and security during a disaster.

Disaster preparedness is not just about responding to emergencies; it’s about building a proactive and resilient community that can withstand and recover from the impacts of disasters. It involves meticulous planning, efficient communication, stakeholder engagements and partnerships, community involvement, and continuous learning and adaptation. We must all be informed and involved!

The MBEDRM and NEMO express our sincere gratitude to all our presenters, guest speakers, and the general public who tuned in.