National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"


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                                 Geographical Areas of Responsibility

                                 Cayo Central-Cayo North-Cayo West

Cayo Central: Santa Elena Town, Cristo Rey,San Antonio, Seven Miles, George Ville , Esperanza Village, Yalbac, Los Tambos, Selena, San Marcos, Santa Teresita, Duck Run I, Duck Run II, Duck Run III, La Gracia, Spanish Look Out

Cayo North: San Ignacio Town, Bullet Tree Falls, Santa Familia, Billy White

Cayo West: Benque Viejo Town, San Jose Succotz, Arenal, Calla Creek, Corozalito


The Cayo District commences 31 miles west of Belize City. It is bordered on the north by the Yalbac Hills,and on the West by the Belize Guatemala Border. It sits at an elevation of 100 meters above sea level. The distance from the sea and the height of the area normally offers good protection from storm surges and hurricane force winds.The Cayo District is known for its cattle and livestock production. Agriculture also provides significant income for residents of the area. Tourism is the most recent and fastest growing sector of the Cayo economy.

                                        Vulnerable Population

Cayo residents are considered fairly well protected from hurricanes that threaten communities in the low-lying areas of the country. However, there are communities in Cayo that are prone to flash flooding from the rivers and waterways that run through the district.

When flooding occurs, the local emergency management committee is activated in order to supervise the orderly evacuation of the local population.

During the approach of a hurricane,shelters throughout the district are opened and are well utilized to provide accomodation for evacuees from the low-lying areas of Belize.

                            Cayo District Emergency Committee Members

Chairman-Cayo Area Representative

Deputy Chairman-San Ignacio Mayor,


Deputy Chairman-Benque Viejo

District Emergency Coordinator-

Medical Care and Public Health-

Transport-Mr. Kevin Espat

Ministry of Works

Foreign Assistance-

Education,Information,Communication,Warning-Mr. Pedro Cano

Search and Rescue

Housing and Shelter

Damage and Needs Assesment

Utilities and Access

Relief Supplies Management



                 Activities of the District Emergency Coordinator

  • Coordinate the resources necessary to restore ‘normalcy’ after an emergency.
  • Conduct monthly meetings of emergency managers throughout the district.
  • Coordinate and guide training activities for public officers, schools and youth groups.
  • Solicit voluntary assistance from members of the community before and after an emergency.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the ‘Emergency Action’ Plans for Cayo.
  • Maintain public awareness of local emergency management activities.

                                        NEMO District Coordinator

Emergency Cellular: 630-3224
Emergency Telephone:+501-804-0373