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" Preserving Life and Property"


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The Corozal District is the most northerly district of the country and borders with Mexico. The region’s landscape consists mainly of large open and flat terrain. Corozal Town is the main urban area and is situated on the coastline along the Corozal Bay where the Caribbean Sea washes its shores. The Corozal District covers an area of 718 square miles and is bordered on the East by the Caribbean Sea and by the Orange Walk District in the South. Corozal Town was rebuilt after Hurricane Janet in 1955 when it was totally destroyed. Average rainfall for the region is approximately 64.8 inches per year.

Economic activities include agriculture and fishing. Corozal produces sugar cane,papaya,onions and other vegetables for domestic consumption and export.

Vulnerable Areas

There are about 1000 persons who need to be evacuated from villages surrounding Corozal Town during a hurricane threat. These persons reside mainly in villages next to the Rio Hondo River that runs from San Victor to Estero. The river is prone to flooding following heavy rains. Additionally, the villages located along the northern coastline are also vulnerable to storm surges. Some roads within the Corozal District, including some major roads, may become flooded and even erode after a few days of torrential rainfall. Roads from Chunox to Sarteneja could become impassable to small vehicles.

Activities of the District Emergency Coordinator

  • Coordinate the resources necessary to restore ‘normalcy’ after an emergency.
  • Conduct monthly meetings of emergency managers throughout the district.
  • Coordinate and guide training activities for public officers, schools and youth groups.
  • Solicit voluntary assistance from members of the community before and after an emergency.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the ‘Emergency Action’ Plans for Corozal.
  • Maintain public awareness of local emergency management activities.

NEMO District Coordinator
Mr. Ronnie Hernandez
Emergency Cellular: +501-6147140