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Stann Creek

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The Stann Creek District is the second of two southern districts in Belize. It has a mixed population of about 27,000 persons including descendants of the Garinagu and Maya. The region is also host to a number of Central American migrant workers who have settled in the area where they labor in the citrus industry. While the citrus industry provides the largest source of employment, shrimp farming and small tourism ventures are starting to generate additional employment opportunities.

Dangriga is a coastal town that serves as the administrative capital of the Stann Creek District. This municipality is known for its richness of tradition, music and culture. The rural areas of the Stann Creek District consist of over 28 villages and settlements spread over a wide area. The remoteness of many villages presents communications and logistical challenges to Belizean emergency managers.

Vulnerable Communities

The communities located on the coastline and along riverbanks in the Stann Creek District are especially vulnerable to destructive wind action, flooding, and tidal surges brought on by severe storms. These communities include: San Pablo, Independence, Placencia, Seine Bight, Riversdale, Sittee River, Hopkins, Hope Creek, Sarawee, Middlesex and Mullins River.

At the approach of a powerful storm these communities need to be alerted in advance so that adequate precautions are put in place to protect lives and property. The hurricane shelters within and around these communities play a vital role in providing housing before, during and after a storm. The integrity of the shelters in these areas is therefore monitored on a regular basis.

Activities of the District Emergency Coordinator

  • Coordinate the resources necessary to restore ‘normalcy’ after an emergency.
  • Conduct monthly meetings of emergency managers throughout the district.
  • Coordinate and guide training activities for public officers, schools and youth groups.
  • Solicit voluntary assistance from members of the community before and after an emergency.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the ‘Emergency Action’ Plans for Stann Creek.
  • Maintain public awareness of local emergency management activities.

NEMO District Coordinator

District Coordinator: David Cruz

Office Tel: 502-0218
Emergency Cellular: 614-8514
Email: david.cruz