National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"


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  1. SITUATION. Immediate relief to the affected people and restoration of critical lifeline facilities   continue   as   the   country   returns   to   normalcy   less   those   severely impacted.  NEMO and the Government providing assistance with help from the community. The Utility Companies operations are progressing at a steady pace enabling the country’s recovery.
  1. PEOPLE IN SHELTER: There are a total of 170 persons in Shelter as follows: 91 in Belize City: Unity Presbyterian has 16 persons, St. John’s Vianney has 31 persons, and St. Luke has 44 persons.   In Cayo: Teakettle has 16 persons in shelter and St. Matthews has 31 persons. There 28 persons in the Hattievile Community Centre recently built by US Southern Command.  Orange Walk has 4 persons in one shelter in San Carlos.
  1. FOOD/WATER RELIEF  OPERATIONS.   NEMO  National  Relief  and  Supplies Management Committee (RSMC) continues to mobilize reaching out to people in the affected communities with food, water, tarp/plastic sheeting, cleaning supplies, mattress etc.  BATSUB, BDF and UNICEF have been assisting people in the shelters. The Belize Red Cross, and USAID are supporting NEMO with field operations.  The Indian community in Belize provided lunch yesterday for the shelterees in Belize City.
  1. UTILITIES RESTORATION:  WATER  – Rural  Water  Systems  UPDATE: Billy White and Santa Familia system is still down, emergency water relief is being organized for those in need.   Harvesting of rainwater is always encouraged.  Crooked Tree,  St.  Anns,  Santana  and  Corozalito  water  system  have  been  restored  back  to normal.  On the old northern highway a water truck will be providing water for those communitive in need.

BWS – San Pedro is currently experiencing low water pressure, as BWSL continues to repair leaks in the system

c. ELECTRICITY – BEL UPDAT Today BEL continues work in Belize Rural.

e. Telecommunications Speed net – The Renaissance tower site is expected to be repaired by

Sunday.  Two towers near JB on George Price Highway is down and currently undergoing repairs.

f. BTL UPDATE – Customers in the following areas are experiencing little or no mobile voice or data service due to cell site outages (with estimated restoration times). Lucky Strike (Saturday, 6 pm). The cell site at Burrell Boom was completely destroye (August 16th uptime). Customers in the following areas are experiencing limited or degraded services due to cell site outages. The cell site at Love FM was completely destroyed, therefore surrounding neighbourhoods may be affected (August 16th uptime).

g.Sufficient Fuel oil stocks available.

  1. DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Immediate humanitarian assessments and relief continue.
  2. CLEAN UP:  Clean up in the city continues.



FLOOD OPERATIONS:   People in the Belize District along the Belize River must continue to monitor the river.

Area of concern is Belize River Valley:  

Road conditions:  Vaqueros and Privassion Bridge is impassable to heavy equipment and big trucks.  Small vehicles must exercise extreme caution whilst driving in this area.

Spanish lookout via Baking Pot Ferry and Iguana Creek Bridge are impassable at this time.   The access route through Bullet Tree Falls village via the Bullet Tree Bridge is open.     The wooden  bridge  in  San  Ignacio  across  the  Macal  River  remains  closed  and  is  seriously damaged.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THIS BRIDGE.   The Hammock Bridge in Calla Creek has been destroyed.     Blue Creek road is open and passable vehicular traffic.

People living in these flood prone areas are being strongly encouraged to seek safety and move to higher grounds to protect life.    MOVE OUT of areas that are likely to flood.  Protect life first. Stay away from flood waters.   Farmers with livestock take the necessary actions and seek safety and move them to higher grounds.  Do not: cross flood waters, especially at night.


NEMO Human Resource Management Committee continues to make the plea to those public officers who have not reported for duty in Belize City to show up.   Your absence is causing a strain and fatigue on the dedicated Public Officers doing assessments,  providing relief and managing the Shelter operations.

People in Belize City are hereby informed that if they have not yet been assessed by the assessment team, to kindly visit or call the Department of Human Services at #40 Regent Street Belize City, or call 227-7451. In the districts ensure your damage and loss information are submitted to NEMO office in the districts for verification.



Listen to your local radio and television for further advisories from NEMO.

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