National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"


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National Emergency Management Organization

“Preserving Life and Property”



MONDAY, 3rd JULY 2017, as at 9:30 a.m.


Update: Generally fair conditions should prevail. The 24 hour forecast calls for sunny skies with cloudy spells today and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers will be isolated and mostly over the south tomorrow. All major highways across the country are trafficable. All rivers in the Stann Creek District have crested and are receding. There is no flood threat to communities in the Stann Creek District.

In Toledo, Bladden River is three (3) feet above normal and is not rising. Blue Creek is one (1) foot above normal and receding slowly. In Aguacate the water is three (3) feet above normal and going down slowly. Motorist are asked to be careful and to watch out for debris on the bridge in Aguacate. The Moho River (through Jordan) is six (6) feet above normal and is receding slowly. The Temash River (near Crique Sarco) is fifteen (15) feet above normal. Water is about ten (10) feet above the road leading to Crique Sarco, which remains inaccessible to all forms of traffic.

The Moho River (near Santa Ana) is eight (8) feet above normal and is receding slowly. The water in Big Falls is twenty (20) feet above normal, and rising, it is eight (8) feet away from a home. The family has been moved to a shelter. Golden Stream is four (4) feet above normal and is receding slowly. In San Miguel the water is eight (8) feet above normal and is receding, and in Columbia the bridge is under three (3) feet, the water is going down slowly.

People in flooded areas are reminded to stay out flood waters, do not eat food and drink water that has come in contact with flood waters. If there is no purified water available, water must be boiled for at least three minutes before drinking. Check on family members and neighbors who might be in need of assistance.

NEMO emergency coordinators in the south can be reached as follows:

  1. Stann Creek, Mr. Keith Emmanuel at 615 9711; and
  2. Toledo, Mr. Kenton Parham at 630 9787.
  3. The NEMO Emergency Hotline is 936. You can also get updates at hydromet.gov.bz and nemo.org.bz

Stay alert. Do not listen to rumours.


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