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" Preserving Life and Property"


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As at 8:00 p.m., 6th August, 2016

  1. SITUATION.   NEMO response to the aftermath of Category 1 Hurricane Earl continues with focus primarily on providing immediate relief to the affected people, the restoration of critical lifeline facilities, operational normalcy at all ports, and  assessments of agriculture, fisheries, transportation, utilities, communication, infrastructure, housing, cultural,  and environmental situation.
  1. PEOPLE IN SHELTER.    164.     San Pedro and Caye Caulker-  9 persons in San Pedro High School; Belize City-  78 persons in Unity Presbyterian, St. John’s Vianney, Queen Square is closed; and St. Luke; Cayo. Teakettle-16 persons; More tomorrow- 15 persons; St. Matthews- 31 persons; and Cotton Tree- 15 persons.
  1. FOOD/WATER RELIEF OPERATIONS.  NEMO National Relief and Supplies Management Committee (RSMC) through NEMO warehouses distributed thousands of emergency food packs and water as part of the immediate relief for the affected population.  Other relief supplies such as tarps, plastic sheeting, in various quantities have also been distributed.  The BDF is providing hot meals in Belize City and Ladyville and surrounding communities.
  •   WATER. Rural Water Systems UPDATE: Santa Familia not yet operational, and concerns with water quality (turbidity) due flooding at Billy White and Bullet Tree, Cayo.  All other district water systems have resumed normal operations. Emergency water relief is being organized for those in need.  Harvesting of rainwater is always encouraged.
  • BWS.  Belmopan and San Pedro are operating in low water pressure mode, as BWSL continues to repair leaks in those systems.  Water systems in rural Belize District still lack electricity, therefore running on generators.
  • ELECTRICITY. BEL UPDATE – At the start of the day 86% of all customers in the country have electricity; update as of today 92%.  Corozal, Orange Walk Dangriga, Independence and Punta Gorda have had electric service fully restored.  Belize City, Belmopan, San Ignacio, San Pedro and Caye Caulker have had all their primary circuits restored.   However, there may be localized low-voltage (LV) circuits still not repaired. Ladyville Feeder 3 (Airport & Met Office Energized) and portions of Feeder 1 & 2:- [George Price Hwy] from Belize City to Mile 8 and from [Philip Goldson Hwy] Belize City to Billy Musa’s residence.
  • BEL Damage Estimates– Belize City/Ladyville Service Area:-Primary network:- 93 leaning structures, 24 broken structures, 75 hardware assembly damaged. Secondary network:- 61 leaning structures, 12 broken structures, 42 hardware assembly damaged, 30 vegetation interventions
  • Telecommunications. Speednet–In  Belize  City  Channel  5  site  is  repaired,  while  the Renaissance tower site expected to be repaired by Sunday. Fix will restore coverage to entire Belize City. Independence site that was damaged Tuesday due to thunderstorm has been restored. Hopkins, Big Falls, and San Pedro North sites are fully functional power supply issues were resolved today. Two towers near JB on George Price Highway is down and currently undergoing repairs.
  • BTL  UPDATE -Customers in the following areas are experiencing little or no mobile voice or data service due to cell site outages (with estimated restoration times).   Lucky Strike (Saturday, 6 pm).   The cell site at Burrell Boom was completely destroy (August 16th uptime). Customers in the following areas are experienced limited or degraded services due to cell site outages.  The cell site at Love FM was completely destroyed, therefore surrounding neighborhoods may be affected (August 16th uptime). BTL is aware that there are a number of cut and hanging landlines impacting some Customers and Neighborhoods. Actual numbers not available at this time.
  • Fuel  Distribution.  Sufficient  Fuel  oil  stocks  available  for  immediate  relief  phase  once electricity is restored to the fuel stations.    Some of the aforementioned information will be upgraded.
  1. DAMAGE ASSESSMENT.  Immediate humanitarian relief assessments are in their final stage. There are a few communities with gaps that are being addressed.  A separate longer economic impact assessment will follow the immediate relief assessments.
  1. CLEAN UP.  Clean up continues in Belize City, Ladyville and surrounding communities.
  1. HOUSEHOLD AND MATERIAL RELIEF OPERATIONS will commence as soon as the information is compiled and verified.
  1. FLOOD OPERATIONS.  NEMO continues to warn people living along the Mopan and Macal rivers to stay alert.  People in the Belize District along the Belize River needs to be prepared for flooding and to continue taking the necessary actions.  Flood waters are swelling the river banks and people living in the following villages must continue take immediate flood response actions:

Areas of concern are:

Cayo District – Arenal; Succothz; Calla Creek; La Clarissa; Siete Millas; Barton Creek; San Marcos; Billy White; Central Farm; Buena Vista; Providencien; Ramonal; Paslow Falls, Bullet Tree Falls; Santa Familia, Branch Mouth, villages along the George Price Highway, Roaring Creek and More Tomorrow.

Belize River Valley – Bomba, Maskall, St. Anns; Santana; Lucky Strike; Rockstone Pond and Boston Crooked Tree. Also of concern is St. Paul’s Bank; Willows Bank; Rancho Doleres; Double Head Cabbage; Bermudian Landing; Lemonal; Isabela Bank; Flowers Bank; May Pen; Scotland half-moon; Burrel Boom; Lord’s Bank; and Ladyville. People living in La Democracia; coastal highway community; Gales Point; Mullins River; Gracie Rock; Hattieville; Freetown Sibun, and Butcher Burns are advised to take note.

Road conditions: The road to Challilo is becoming impassable to staff going to the Dams.   MOW assistance is being urgently requested.   Spanish lookout via Baking Pot Ferry and Iguana Creek Bridge are impassable at this time.   The access route through Bullet Tree Falls village via the Bullet Tree Bridge is impassable.   The Roaring Creek Bridge remains open.  The wooden bridge in San Ignacio across the Macal River is closed.    In Maskal the river is 2.5 ft., under the bridge and in Bomba area it is up about 3 feet.   The Manatee road is flooded at the bridge coming from the George Price Highway, access is open from the Hope Creek junction.

People living in these flood prone areas are being strongly encouraged to seek safety and move to higher grounds to protect life.  Seek shelter with families or friends or go to a community shelter.   MOVE OUT of areas that are likely to flood. Protect life first. Stay away from flood waters.  Farmers with livestock take the necessary actions and seek safety and move them to higher grounds.  Do not: cross flood waters, especially at night.


Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while navigating in the territorial waters of Belize. The Authority is currently working on restoring all Aids to Navigation in the channels which shifted due to Hurricane Earl.

Do not listen to rumours!      AT THE TIME OF THIS REPORT THERE IS NO TROPICAL CYCLONE THREAT TO BELZE.     Continue to listen to your local radio and television for further advisories from NEMO.

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