National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"


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The DRY SEASON is a major cause of fires. In this regard, the public is advised to practice good fire safety measures.

Clean an area of 100 feet or more around your property; cut the grass low to the ground; dispose of dry foliage and other fire-causing material, particularly from roofs and gutters. Trees near to buildings should be cut back where permitted. Embers can travel kilometres ahead of the fire and are the leading cause of house fires during a bushfire.

Listen to the advice of the Forestry and Fire Departments. Putting out fires requires trained and equipped personnel. Practice good water discipline.

With the HURRICANE Season quickly approaching, now is the time to start reviewing your hurricane and flood (multi hazard) plans. Start strengthening and repairing your roof, windows and doors, clear drains, and clean your emergency water collection containers.

If you hear a TSUNAMI warning, do NOT run. Listen first to hear how much time you have before the first possible waves could reach the shore and the estimated height of the waves. Warning will be provided via the media and the national fire service siren. Depending on where you are, walk as fast and as far as you can away from the coastline and/or go to the upper flat of a strong, sturdy concrete building.    

Be prepared for aftershocks; turn off your gas tank and stove. If the time is short before the first possible waves are expected to arrive, do not use your vehicle as you could get trapped in traffic. Get to high ground away from the immediate coastline and the waves. DO NOT STOP AND WATCH THE WAVES. MOVE AWAY FROM THE COASTLINE!

NEMO booth will be on display at the Maskall Agricultural and Trade Fair on Sunday, 31st March, 2019, providing more information to the public.