National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"


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The Village of Jordan, located in the South Western part of the Toledo District, has historically been prone to annual flooding by the Mojo River. This flooding which is sometimes severe disrupts the lives of the seventeen families located in the village greatly, sometimes inundating homes by 2-3ft of water. After Tropical Depression Two in June 2013 which brought a staggering 5-6ft of flood waters to the community, Minister Godwin Hulse, the minister responsible for NEMO committed help through the government of Belize to assist with relocation of the affected families to higher ground. This commitment in the form of $65,000 from the government provided sixteen families with concrete foundations 4ft X 18ft X 28ft and provided zinc roofing to all these sixteen structures. The members of the community provided the labor and the additional siding materials to complete their homes. The community working with NEMO is steadily improving the quality of life for the people of Jordan by providing superior houses to the thatched structures previously inhabited and by placing these houses in a safe area less prone to flooding. All these works are expected to be completed by  March, 2015.