National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"

Pet Protection

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Pet owners are responsible for disaster planning for their pet. If you plan to evacuate, plan for your pet as well. Take your pet Survival Kit if you go to friends, relatives or a hotel. Shelters cannot accept pets. So if you plan to go to a public shelter, make the required provisions for your pet/s.

After the storm has passed, be careful in allowing your pet outdoors. Familiar scents and landmarks may be altered and your pet could easily be confused and become lost. Downed power lines, and animals and insects brought in with high water, could present real dangers to your pet. Take care not to allow your pet to consume food or water which may have become contaminated.


  1. Proper ID collar and rabies tag
  2. Carrier or cage
  3. Leash
  4. Food Supply
  5. Water/food bowl
  6. Medication, if necessary
  7. Specific care instructions