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Tropical Wave Advisory 2

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ADVISORY NO. 2 of 2016


SUNDAY, 31ST JULY 2016 as at 5:00 p.m.   


The National Meteorological Service and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) inform that the fast moving tropical wave which entered the eastern Caribbean today remains rather disorganized.    As it approaches between Jamaica and the Central American mainland conditions will become more conducive for its development.    A tropical depression could form on Tuesday.     Further development is expected during Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when the system is expected to cross over the country.   Present intensity forecasts show large variations and at this time there is much uncertainty as to what strength the system will have upon reaching the Central American mainland.

People living on the cayes, in flood prone areas, fisher folks, and farmers are advised to monitor this tropical wave and to be prepared to take the necessary precautions such as, move to high ground or to a shelter; secure your family and home; stock up on emergency supplies; protect important documents, etc.

In the event of any further development.  People on the cayes are advised if you do not have a safe place to weather storm do not risk it and stay on the cayes, evacuate to safety.    Voluntary relocation to the mainland remains an individual choice.   Authorities and residents in areas that are prone to flooding are asked to stay alert and to clear drains that are likely to cause localized flooding.

Public Officers are hereby being placed on notice to be prepared for possible activation for emergency duties in the event NEMO has to declare a Phase.

NEMO continues to monitor the situation.   NEMO District committees are meeting in anticipation of possible developments associated with this tropical wave.  NEMO HQ staff just concluded its pre-activation meeting.


Stay alert and be prepared!


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