National Emergency Management Organization

" Preserving Life and Property"


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As the Minister of National Emergency Management has reported on National Media, as of 11:00 PM, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has lifted the Tsunami Warning for the nation of Belize.

Of critical concern now is the state of our bridges in the aftermath of the earthquake. Before vehicles, particular buses and heavy trucks, cross any of our bridges, it is important that those structures are inspected by the Ministry of Works or Transport Department to ensure that they are structurally sound and safe.

Because earthquakes are unpredictable by nature, NEMO advises the public to remain vigilant throughout the night and into the morning, and to keep monitoring the radio and other media outlets for further information.

Remember that whenever the sea is receding in the wake of an earthquake, a tsunami is possible. In such circumstances, people along the coast are advised to move away from the sea, seek higher ground, or move to the second story of a building.

In the event of an earthquake, if you are outside when it strikes, stay outside; if you are inside, go under a sturdy structure or piece of furniture, or move to a corner of the building you are occupying; stay away from glass windows, turn off butane tanks and all gas valves.